Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Our Bouches were Amused

Julia had to be sent off in style, so in typical French fashion, we had a six course dinner.

We went to Le Relais des Semailles on Rue St. Antoine, Nicki and I had been eying it for a while. The whole thing looks like a French country chic dream come true, right down to the white hydrangeas on the tables.

We sat outside but I couldn't resist snapping a few photos of the interior to show you. 

So, to the food -aka the most important part the day. To start they brought us a whipped mozzarella, grape tomatos and fresh pesto. 

I think this might have been my favorite part of the meal. I have never has whipped mozzarella before and it is TO DIE FOR, I do not take my cheese lightly, trust me, its fantastic! 

We had to pick a wine that would pair well with everyone's dinner, so we opted for a crisp rose. 

As you can see it has a great blush hue. There were hints of peach and pear. Just an all around delightful wine, easy to match with any typical French dish.

One of my favorite things about eating outside is the amazing people watching!

You never know who might pop up! 

My appetizer was foie gras in a pastry puff. Yes, you read that correctly, in a pastry puff! It was divine. Light and flaky but with the hint of salt and meat from the foie gras.

Pain, bien sur

In preperation for the main dish they brought out grapefruit flavored ice. Now, normally I do not like grapefruit, but in this case, it was divine. You could just taste how fresh and cool the whole concoction was, they really went above and beyond! 

I had the duck with baby potatoes as my main dish. What is more French than duck? Nothing! It was very light and not overcooked, superb! 

Aww the two best friends!

But dinner wasn't over yet, oh no! We had to cleanse our palate for dessert! Which was gracefully accomplished by a mango ice with a bit of mascarpone. If I was having a summer dinner party, I would serve this, your guests will melt!

And, finally, the moment you have all been waiting for, dessert! Chocolate on chocolate on chocolate! 
It was a chocolate cake with chocolate moose and a salted caramel ice cream! With a cookie on top just to put it over the edge!

Have no fear, I ate the whole thing!
It was a delightful way to wrap up a wonderful trip! Julia was the perfect guest and we hope she joins us again on another leg of our adventure! We miss you J!


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