Sunday, August 31, 2014

Pop, Clink, Fizz

I am excited to introduce you all to Maggie! 

Maggie is the little sister of my best friend Kait! Miss. Maggie is studying at Oxford for the summer and graced us with her presence in Paris for the weekend. So what do old friends do to celebrate a Paris reunion? Head to Champagne of course! 

We made reservations for a tour of the Moet & Chandon house in Epernay, France. It's very easy to get there, just take the train from Gare de Est. The train ride is about an hour and costs 20 euros. The tour of Moet & Chanson is an hour or so and costs 30 euros, includes two glasses of Champagne!  

A brut Champagne has less sugar added and is "dryer" and a sec or demi-sec has much more sugar added and is much sweeter.

Our lovely tour guide explained how the grapes are grown, blended, bottled and then stored until they have reached optimum bubbliness!

I love learning about how the champagne is made, but not as much as I enjoy the finished product! A minor photo-shoot ensued with the giant bottles.

Look at all the bubbles!
Aren't they so cute?

Run Maggie, run!

The cellars!
Nicki found her bottle
There was of course a gift shop so we picked up a few bottles up for our evening picnic in the Tuileries!

All ready!!
My favorite spot

A little cheese of course!
Love ya!
I think I was born to drink Champagne in the gardens of Paris, it just feels right!


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