Friday, September 19, 2014

Mabillon- Red

With the weather turning a tad chilly in the evenings a glass of red is just what you need. 

This particular Cabernet Sauvignon originates in Bordeaux, France. Bordeaux has been making wine since the Romans arrived in the first century and the expertise shows.

Just a touch
Well, maybe a touch more
That's the ticket
As you can see the wine has a very rich red color. The velvety textures and deep aroma along with the high tannins make this a complex wine.

Most Cabernet Sauvignon's are aged in oak barrels which softens the grape. The grapes themselves, from which the wine type derives its name, are very small with a thick skin, a tricky one to work with. But someone along the way knew what they were doing and we all owe them a toast. 

We have one satisfied customer!

Plus a little snack never hurt. I'm a huge fan of the super easy and colorful pesto tomato combo! 

Break off some bite size pieces of bread, spread on a bit of pesto, slice the cherry tomatoes in half and tada! 


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