Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dutch Master

I have always wanted to go to Amsterdam. 

When I studied abroad we tried to go but it was too expensive and we just couldn't work out the details. Now I was finally getting to go and getting to celebrate my birthday while we were there. It was a dream come true. Unfortunately, I only have one post for Amsterdam because I took the majority of pictures on my cell phone while we were there. So that means all my birthday pictures and etc. are all gone. Sigh. Even without the pictures it will still be an experience I will remember forever.

The canals are probably the best part of the city, though they make it super easy to get lost. They all look basically the same.

Markets everywhere

We actually did a ton of touristy things around Amsterdam, we explored Vondel Park, went to the Red Light District the Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank Museum - all of where taking photos are forbidden. We went to the spa and I got my nails done for my birthday, we even went to the Movies and saw 22 Jump Street in english!(with Dutch subtitles) I had an absolutely fantastic time, my favorite week so far.

One touristy thing we did and were allowed to take pictures of was the Rembrant Museum.

The museum was based in his massive and expensive apartment.

I got to watch a very exciting demonstration of how Rembrandt would have preformed some of his Etchings/printing.

And then we got to watch another demonstration on how Rembrandt would have made paint during his time period.

After I snuck off to take a gander at his so-called trophy room.

And finally our tour of Rembrandt's apartment ended with a collection of his original etchings.

all in all a pretty good tour, but there are probably a couple other museums that would be worth going to instead.
after the museum we stumbled onto an outdoor market, which is not very difficult, they are set up all over town. Meg bought a lovely vintage leather purse and I bought some sweet hippie pants. You know the ones where the crotch is at the same level as the foot holes. I love them, they are so comfortable. And sometimes I even wear them as a one-piece type jumpsuit (fashionistas please don't judge me).

Desserted Barbie amongst a pile of micsellaneous treasures/trash.
I was seriously tempted to take Marley & Me with me :)
A good market always ends with a novelty scuba helmet... 

Bonus: a few of my cell phone pics did survive through the magic of instagram

Meg matching the Tulips

The smallest but best hot chocolate ever, and my fresh birthday manicure.

I would definitely do a canal tour if you have the chance. We did not end up having time and that is probably the onky thing I regret missing.

Amsterdam I loved you and I can't wait to see you again someday...

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