Monday, September 15, 2014

Vida Louca in Lagos

Lagos, Portugal stole my heart. 

This small town is just chock full of cute streets, cheap bars and Australians. My first stop was the Rising Cock to drop off my bag. Then off down the narrow cobble streets to explore! 

The town square
Who doesn't love a drawbridge?
The beaches of Lagos are simply divine. They are divided into sections separated by massive cliffs. Some are connected by little passages, beware of the tide, it might washout your path!

How can you not want to crawl through?
This one was human sized!
My section at low tied
The town is so colorful. Fun tiles and paintings can be found around every corner. It really inspires you to just let go, relax, have fun and enjoy life! Not that this is really a problem for us!

Blue and White is my first love.
Another great thing about Lagos are the prices! Cafe Odeon has to die for pancakes and breakfast food in general, not to mention two euro mimosas. My bill was only three euros! 

So fluffy!
After a little pancake lunch it was back to lay on the beach, it is a hard life! 

Lagos offers several booze cruises, but be careful you don't drown!
The beaches become shaded rather early, when everyone has left it is perfect for a little beach yoga! I needed a quick stretch because I had a surf lesson in the morning! 

All to my self.
Two for six euros, is that really a good idea?
But enough about that, back to the real activity of the day! SURFING!! Now, this was my first time ever on a surfboard, and it was an absolute blast, and very physically demanding.

And we were off!
Our instructor took about 25 minutes to give us the basics, then it was trial by fire. Into the ocean we went. The water was absolutely freezing, I was very grateful for my wetsuit.We took off at 9am and made it back around 6pm, for 55 euro I considered it a bargain! Well done Lagos Surf Center.

Totally physically exhausted from my day with the waves I decided to go the healthy route for dinner. Several people in my hostel has mentioned Restaurante Adega Da Marina so I went in search of this magical place. 
Well, apparently so did half of Lagos, they always have a line out the door and down the block. Don't be discouraged, it only took half an hour to be seated. 

You order everything by weight and then are charged based on that. I ordered some shrimp, which were to die for, just butter and lemon and salmon. They even showed my the filet before cooking it to utter perfection! 
The Omega 3s were just everywhere and it was crispy and flaky and juicy.  You could not have a better or more fresh dinner! 

I took some home and had it for lunch the next day
I spent my last day wandering around town, having a few snacks, and marveling in the natural beauty of Lagos.

The architecture has a heavy Spanish influence
Do I eat too many food described as "fluffy"
It was hot
The path at the top of the town lead to a great view

Just too pretty!

As you may have noticed, Nicki was not with me, hence all the selfies

I was having a Peter Pan moment

I could not have been more thrilled by my trip to Lagos. This town is very easy to get caught up in. Had I not already booked a flight to London before I arrived who knows how long I would have ended up staying.
Don't ruin your trip to many with plans. Just come, relax, enjoy. You will stumble upon things to do and they will be epic.
Thanks for the suggestions John!!!

Back to Cannes, for a day, then it's off to London!

It makes going home a lot easier when home looks like this!


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