Friday, August 15, 2014

Day Tripping and Night Swimming

The day after Ile Sainte-Margeurite we wanted to do something easy and relaxing. We decided to take a quick train ride to a town just a few stops away, Antibes! 

As we walked from the train into town I ran into something way too familiar. 

Sake House!! We have this exact same restaurant in Blacksburg... I even had friends who worked there. Their sushi is delicious. 

Our plan was to go to the Picasso Museum in Antibes. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures inside. I foolishly had forgotten to bring my camera anyways, so I wasn't that upset about it. (Everything in this post is courtesy of my iphone4).

The balcony of the Picasso Museum held some pretty fantastic sculptures. 

And some pretty fantastic views

After we finished with the Museum we walked around town a bit and did some window shopping.

We jumped back on the train and patiently waited for the three stops to pass by until we were back in Cannes. 

It was such a beautiful night. Julia and I thought it would be a great time for an evening swim. Some of these pictures are little blurry, my waterproof iphone case is clearly a piece of crap... 

Swimming out to the dock? 

We were absolutely terrified that we were going to be attacked by sharks... 

Dusk is when they come out to feed... Right? 

Boob shot, Sorry Julia lol

Attempting to take an underwater picture together... May have worked if one of us opened our eyes. 


O'key Beach boardwalk, during the day these boardwalks are stacked with lounge chairs that you can rent. It's usually around 25euro for the day.  (Not really worth it when you have the free beach, except in August the beaches are crazy packed. There is barely any room to walk around. Then I'd recommend renting a chair.)

Such a model 

Cannes is such a gorgeous place, I'm really not looking forward to leaving it at the end of the summer. I'm gonna miss this view. 

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