Sunday, August 31, 2014

Goodbyes are Not Forever

For a our last day in Paris I wanted to make sure to get a few more touristy activities squeezed in. 

Meg went off on her own for the day so I decided to go with one of our bunk mates, Clemence, to check out some other museums. The first on our list was Musée Rodin.

These odd monstrousities pictured above are not by Rodin ^ 

We decided to explore the grounds before going inside the house.

Welcome to the Gates of Hell

Headless and handless man

Sweater weather

There was a bit of gardening/construction going on around the Fountain area, I tried to crop it out as much as possible.

Just look at that place. Isn't it spectacular!

Not really sure what's going on with this rabbit?

The famous Thinker
We saved the best for last outside and then headed to the Museum Inside.

little creepy

The Thinker again, bronze 1881 -1882

Clemence ^ making an appearance in the mirror reflection

Balzac, Nude Study C, 1892-1893 Bronze

I really loved all the hands

That's a compromising position...

Torso of a Young Woman with Arched Back, 1909, bronze.

On our way out of the Museum we stumbled upon a temporary exhibit near the ticketing area. It was a photography exhibit, mostly of nudes. But the resemblance to some of Rodin's work was uncanning.

The photographer himself ^ I cannot seem to remember his name at the moment but I promise I will find out.

The photography was an added bonus though some of it was not my favorite. 

Clemence had a museum pass so we decided to make the most of my time left and squeeze one more museum in before I had to leave. We started the walk over to Musée D'Orsay. 
It's only a couple blocks away, maybe a 10 minute walk, and I got to see a view of the Eiffel Tower I hadn't seen before.

Luckily, we got to skip the huge line because Clemence had a museum pass (if you are in Paris for a good amount of time look into it. You can definitely get your monies worth) and I had purchased the combo Rodin and D'Orsay ticket while at the Musée Rodin.

Musée D'Orsay Is housed In an old railway station. It was a very cool building, I wish I could have spent more time inside.
The view 

I had just enough time to run through the top floor of impressionistic paintings. It was beautiful and of course no pictures were allowed. Clemence stayed to explore the rest of the Museum while I ran back to the hostel to meet Meg. We had an afternoon ride to Belgium and I didn't want to miss it! 

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