Thursday, August 14, 2014

Island Fever

The next big day trip we did with my BFFF Julia was go to Ile Sainte-Marguerite. Just a hop, skip, and a jump away.

Ile Sainte-Marguerite is a quick ferry ride from Cannes. It takes probably a little under 30minutes to get to and is around 15euro round trip. It's a lovely jaunt for a quick day trip.  

Always instagraming... 

There also happened to be a little aquarium there...

And when I say little I mean it was literally just one small room...

You can basically see the entire "aquarium" room in the reflection of this tank. It was seriously tiny, but cute nonetheless.

I have to admit, this Island had the most fantastic views!

Hello Mr. Seagull
Julia was going around naming all the Seagulls and pigeons that she was in love with... I believe she named this one Larry.

It also happens to be the location of the Fort Royal prison where the man in the "Iron Mask" was kept. (It is unknown who the man actually was but "Three Musketeers" author, Alexandre Dumas, came up with quite a clever story if you are looking for some *fictional* background). We happened to take our little trip on the first weekend of the month so entrance into the Jail and museum was free! Yay us! (This is actually quite common in Europe for those who don't know. Most museums are free entry on the first Sunday of the month).

Art inside the jail cells of Fort Royal

It must have been torture being stuck in a jail cell and looking out at the sea everyday. Not being able to go swimming, or hear the waves, or even smell the salty air. 

The Star art is a more recent addition to the Fort.

One of the prisoners tried to get out a note by concealing it on a silver plate. Obviously, it was way too obvious, and it was confiscated by the guards.

Most of the items found in the Museum portion of Fort Royal were from old shipwrecks or recreations of old items that would most likely have been found on these shipwrecks.

 How they transported fish back in the day.

The courtyard of Fort Royal


  Spices and such

Some Modern Art thrown in for good measure I guess.

More Seagulls, Larry is that you?

A little Church we stumbled upon while exploring the rest of the Island...

We planned to be on the Island for the entire day, but after a quick look at the beaches we changed our minds. The beaches are not very inviting, basically because there isn't any sand. It's all uncomfortable rocks, and if you want get in the water you have to be wearing some sort of water shoes.

We went back to Cannes to spend the rest of the afternoon on the sandy beaches. Ile Sainte-Marguerite is a definite must in my book! *Travel Tip* if you are planning to go there, don't go there for the beaches... 

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