Saturday, August 30, 2014

Parisian Picnics

After a very grueling weekend of doing nothing but being a tourist, we decided to take Monday off and just relax. 

We started the day with a pastry and capuccino. Then went shopping, I got a bathing suit Meg got a dress our friend Jennifer got a pair of sandals... We were happy campers and to makes us even happier we went for a pre-lunch macaron. We went to Pierre Herme which was absolutely fantastic. On the expensive side but by far the best macarons I have ever had. For lunch we went to Le Souffle which has nothing but souffles! It was also fantastic, I wish I could show you but the pictures were on my phone... Warning: dinner gets packed, so make a reservation!

But this post is supposed to be about our picnic so let's move on. Our friend Jennifer from our hostel was meeting her friends Voytek and Thibaut for a late afternoon/early evening picnic in the Tuileries Garden. We grabbed our friend Clemence from our room and the six of us were on our way...

We picked a diiferent spot than our usual picnic area, facing opposite the Eiffel Tower. It was perfectly set up with chairs and a bench. Just what we needed for a makeshift table.

You can check out our spread on Instagram. All purchased from the local grocery store Monoprix, and surprisingly delicious.

Voytek found this book on another bench in the Gardens. It's a murder/thriller/mystery that is set in the DMV area back home (it was fate!) I took it home to Cannes to read on the beach and really enjoyed it. It was nice to have a break from reading everything on my phone/tablet. The feel of reading an actual book is so different.

A prefect ending to a perfect day. And the view wasn't too bad either.

P.S. I'm trying a new thing with my pictures where I set them to their original size, which is huge. This whole time I thought extra large was the biggest size they could be, silly me... I haven't decided if I like them this big or not, but bigger is always better right? If anyone has any input on this topic I'd love to hear your opinions.

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