Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Best Friends in France

Ladies and Gentlemen! She has arrived!!!


My best friend from home, Julia, arrived at the beginning of July. It was a magical time filled with jokes, laughter and love. The first day she arrived we didn't do much because she was seriously get lagged. But the next few days were a bit of a whirlwind!

First thing we did was buy macarons obviously. Just an FYI the Jean Luc Pelé macarons were only ok. The best macarons I've had while in France were from Pierre Herme. A little expensive but totally worth it! They are even better than the ones at Ladurée, I swear. But don't worry she tried both... And loved them

Stolen from our Passports Instagram page.

Her first night out we went to Morrison's which is a great Irish pub in Cannes.

Wise words, spotted in the ladies bathroom at Morrison's.

It was a seriously fun evening, which brings us to the morning after...

Passed out on our futon that is clearly falling apart.

God I love this girl, such a diva! I'm sure she'll hate me for this lol

The next day we took her to the daily fresh Market where she proceeded to buy a ton of Brie cheese.

Together we probably consumed a giant wheel of it during the two short weeks she was here. 

Though our mothers will be happy to know we also got some fresh fruit! 

They were so deliciously sweet we finished them all in one day. 

And it came with some giant blueberries...

And I even made fresh guacamole, it was delicious, almost as good as at home...

So fresh! 

This was just a quick introduction to our joyous time together. The next post will be a little bit more in depth... 🚣

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