Sunday, July 13, 2014

Swiss Miss

Meg has been on her game with her blog post on our recent adventures, I however, have been clearly lagging behind. 

We have a friend visiting us at the moment (which we will be blogging about soon -stay tuned!) so it has been hard to find time to keep her busy/satisfied with things to do and work on the blog. So since Meg gave you all the details on our trip to Switzerland I thought I would just show some of the pictures I took while we were galavanting around the city of Interlaken. (The pictures aren't exactly in order, the blogger app was givin me some serious attitude.) Enjoy!

Meg sleeping in the airport

Our "room" at the tent village

Meg at the top of Mount Heidi Klum (real pronunciation Harder Kulm)

I don't usually have a fear of heights but this was slightly terriffying.

Glass walkway, even more terrifying...

What we should've done instead of walking up. 

The restaurant at the top of the mountain, which we obviously couldn't afford to eat at... We only spent two hours dragging ourselves up, just to turn around. But I must say the view was spectacular. 

Going down, not as easy as it looks either, so steep.

Some other sites around town:

Our walk back to the tent village.


Meg is that you? 

Swiss chocolate, so delicious!

A series of moi pretending to milk a plastic cow...

Does anyone really go to the bathroom like this? 

Meg scootin with her beer, skills.

Light on the mountain, so beautiful.

Interlaken was fantastic, but if you are going to go for more touristy things to do I would go somewhere else in Switzerland. Interlaken is a place where people go for more of the extreme outdoor activities. And if you plan to do some hiking I would get actual hiking shoes, we wore tennis shoes which were ok, but it definitely would have been better with more stable shoes. And definitely bring a sweater... And pants, I was kind of surprised by how cold it was there, I mean it was the end of June. Isn't it supposed to be summer?

Thanks Switzerland, you were a treat!

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