Thursday, July 10, 2014

Prancing around Prague

Prague was a spectacular break from the usual European cities of the West. 

He wasn't having it

In an effort to save a little money we decided to take the night bus from Interlaken to Prague. This was a hard but valuable lesson we needed to learn, the night bus makes for a long night.

Eye masks for everyone
We took Student Agency and they had a wide selection of movies, which was awesome. We also crossed into Germany for a bit and I bought a pretzel.

We were lucky enough to stay with a friends older sister in Prague and she had the most adorable little yellow house.
Our little yellow house
The sunsets from our room were spectacular

After a quick, and necessary, nap we grabbed our maps and hit the ground running. We wandered through the castle gardens and the castle itself, popping into the church for a quick look.

Loving the powder blue summer uniforms!

Hello up there
The stain glass work was delightful
Prague is on the Crown and the exchange rate to USD is strong so we indulged in a delicious and nutritious lunch. 
What a lovely waterfall
Salmon and salad, much needed Omega 3s
A little warm goat cheese just for fun!
The restaurant is called Tri stoeli and is only about three minutes from Charles Bridge and I thought it was fantastic! Nice and cool and calm and the food was fantastic!

We took a walking tour around Prague. The tour is called New Prague Tours and they are free, the tour guides work only for tips, and they are fantastic. Our tour guides name was Declan and as an Irishman was perfectly equipped to relay the dramatic history of Prague to us. 

Just another amazing church
The clock! Go see it on the top of the hour, it's a cookoo

Adam and Eve
What a beautiful city

Hey Dec!
 We went on the castle tour with the same company and I was disappointed because, while the information was good, the price of the tour (10 euro) did not include entrance to any of the buildings.
Changing of the guard, at the top of every hour
Inside St. Vitus

Franz Kafka lived here for a bit
Top of the town

Flying buttress alert

And any trip to Prague wouldn't be complete without a paddle boat ride on the Vltava. 

They look stable right?
Nicki is so excited
Umm, my legs don't reach

Charles Bridge
Killing it
The beautiful city of Prague
After the chilly water adventure we made our way over to the Municipal House for a drink. Our tour guide told us the dining room inspired the dining room for the set of Titanic. So we new it would be amazing, and the Art Nouveau style is one of my personal favorites.

A hotty toddy to help with my cold

An old Czech cure for colds

 So a few quick tips about Prague:
1. Do the free walking tour
2. Bring warm clothes, it is chilly at night
3. You will have to exchange money (they don't take Euros) 
4. Many places don't take credit cards
5. The ice cream is amazing, get some every day
6. The Municipal House is a must see


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