Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I've always wanted a pony

The Jumping International de Cannes was today, and Nicki and I thought, well, why not? 

Very impressive stuff

The show was a 20 minute walk from our apartment along the Croisette.

Matching with the wall is always a good sign

It was a little hot out so we took a quick break in the Carlton to cool off. 

We couldn't resist
We may have been asked to leave...
Their flower arrangements get better every day

When we saw the white tents and began to hear the horses we knew we were in the right place. 

The ring

It was pretty nerve wracking to watch the horses go over the jumps!

It was a truly delightful experience, the riders and the horses are so talented!!

The flowers all around Cannes are in full bloom and could not be any more stunning! 


We decided to stop for a little snack on the way home and learned that cider is served in bowls.

The classic ham and cheese (jambon et fromage)
It doesn't get much better than a crepe

And of course, pomme frites
All in all, a charming day in Cannes.

We spotted this balcony on the way home, I love a good window box


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