Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Singing in Salzburg

Fräulein Nicki and myself could not pass up the chance to ride bikes and sing songs in the Austrian countryside. Hello Salzburg, Austria!



I'm not sure if you can hear but at the end the duologue goes something like this: 
Nicki: Meg, MEG
Me: What? 
Nicki: You're going the wrong way. 
Me: Nooo 

If the Carrie Underwood remake hadn't gone so well I'm sure they would have come to me.

Julie Andrews is not aging well. 

 All jokes aside we were only in Salzburg for 24 hours but I wish we had had more time. It is a beautiful and charming city. If you are headed there go on the Fräulein Maria Bike Tour

Nicki loves activities
So do I
Wearing a dress was a bad idea
Top of the Abbey

The water wheel at the bakery

We are 16 going on 17

Catch me!
So graceful!
Just riding through the countryside
Yes, I can ride a bike
Umm Nicki? Where is the rest of the group?

Quick tip about Salzburg: 
1. Do a bike tour


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