Monday, May 19, 2014

No Place Like Home

Meg and my flight to France is rapidly approaching. My excitement is spiraling out of control! I wish we could be there already! But I've also been thinking a lot about all the things I'm going to miss. Which I should definitely not be doing, it's complete torture, but I just cannot help it... So here's the list, the things I think I'll miss most while Meg and I are off gallivanting around Europe.

My little Rosebud <3

Nicki and Rosalie for her high school graduation

Love ya bud 

Rosalie and Nicki - at my college graduation


Virginia Tech Football Season

Virginia Tech football stadium

This will be the first year I won't be able to make it to an in-season football game since I began college there. 

Melissa and Nicki tailgating for a football game

And of course tailgating for those games...

My Family

Takacs family picture 


They're a fun bunch...

Cousins on New Year's Eve

Especially my Nagyi

 Nagyi 80th Birthday

Cousins in Backyard Pool

And that pool in my parents backyard ain't to shabby either.


Seacrets, Jamaica USA

For those of you who don't know, Seacrets is a super classy bayside beach bar in OC. 

Seacrets, Jamaica USA

I think I've celebrated my birthday there for the past 3 years...

Meghan, Nicki, Kaela and Kate at Seacrets

Bravo TV  

Nicki and OC Real Housewife Tamara

Meeting Tamara from Real Housewives of O.C.

My Beloved André

Nicki with André
So classy...
Hopefully I'll be able to find a cheap fake champagne substitute for André in Europe... maybe something even cheaper than André?

Nicki New Year's Eve


Julia and Nicki New Year's Eve
Champagne anyone?

Nicki and Julia after graduating high school

You da best 

And last but definitely not least, Princess Ginger, the Pomeranian. 

Ginger the Pomeranian with Venezia hat

Ginger the Pomeranian

Isn't she the cutest!

I'm sure there will be tons more I'll miss, like our weekend brunches with old high school friends, Chipotle, Zumba, my bed, american cartoons/television, other comforts of home etc... It'll be nice to have this to look at if when I get a little homesick.  I've never been bad with goodbyes but for some reason this one feels extreme, I hope I don't break down and sob at the airport. I'm not usually this emotional... 

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