Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Packing: the nightmare begins

Packing, just the idea of it sends chills through my body, and I love packing. I live by the rule "If you can't carry it you can't have it" and this will be even more essential on this trip. So where to being? 

Shoes, always begin with shoes--

I am planning to bring one shoe from each category. Some may seem a little less practical than others, heels and cobble stone is not an ideal combo, but their may come a time where you need them. A last minute ball or gala perhaps, girls can dream. 

Good walking shoes are essential. As much as it may scream "tourist" tennis shoes are a really safe bet.
Smoking slippers are very in right now and do offer a good amount of support. I enjoy wearing sandals, particularly in a coast town, but in more major cities you will want to have your toes covered.  


Dresses are really great because they are lightweight in your suitcase and are a full outfit. It's also really easy to change up your look with a different sweater or scarf if you want to re-wear something several times on one trip. 

No Sweater
With Sweater, Shockingly Different

Local Shopping--

Chances are you are going somewhere that will have shopping you will want to indulge in. So, pack really basic things and enjoy the local shops. If you don't over pack it leaves a chance to buy something out of "necessity" which always feels good. 

And when someone asks you where you got it, you can casually say "Oh this old thing? Paris? Perhaps Milan? Oh, I can't even remember, it was ages ago." 

Here are some quick packing tips--

1. Check the weather-there is not point to packing jeans if it is going to be 90 the whole time.
2. Pack whole outfits-dresses are your best friend, it's a whole outfit in one, and they aren't heavy
3. If you don't wear it here, you won't wear it there- exception- Purple Sparkle Track Suite
4. Pack something in your carry on to change into right after the flight, people who look chic when they arrive are the most chic of all people.  (also, brush your teeth)
5. Be realistic- if you are going for 5 days, pack 5 pieces and mix and match
6. Make sure your luggage stands out, and has contact info
7. Don't bring it if you can buy it there, ie: umbrella
8. Don't bring anything you will be mad if it gets lost/stolen
9. Leave space- you will shop on your trip
10. Forget all previous advice, fly private and bring 15 LV trunks and your maid

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