Sunday, October 5, 2014

Chim Chim Cher-ee

London isn't all pouring yourself into cabs and pouring more champagne. It is bubbling with history too!

The home of Queen Elizabeth and William Shakespeare you can't pop in without paying respects to the greats! And on the top of my list is the man, the myth, the legend- Peter Pan! J.M Berrie actually hung out in Kensington Park while writing the book.

He hangs out in Kensington Park, go say HI

The leading lady of British history is Queen Victoria, she reigned for 63 years! This is just one of the many statues of her around town, this one sits outside Kensington Palace. 

My personal favorite is Queen Elizabeth. Having defeated the Spanish Armada it is no wonder there is a replica of one of the ships from her navy in the middle of town. The "Golden Hind", captained by Sir. Frances Drake, is moored at Pickford Warf, just a few blocks from London Bridge.

You can enjoy a beer near the ship and play pirate for the afternoon
Shockingly close to the Golden Hind is the Globe Theater, just a few blocks south if you walk along the Thames (the river that runs through London, pronounced like gems).

You can not enter the theater itself unless you have a ticket, they still put on shows daily, but you can see it from the sidewalk. It is a very charming old building and anyone who was forced to suffer through Shakespeare in high school should absolutely go see it.

If you continue to walk along you will come across Millennial bridge. It was brutally destroyed during a dementor attack but has been restored to its former glory and will take you right across the river to St. Paul's.
I had my Patronus ready
Ahh St. Paul's the highest point in London. How English are the roses around St. Pauls?

So English
The lovely lady out front of St. Pauls is Queen Anne.

Now, time for a secret spot revelation! Directly behind St. Pauls there is a shopping complex called "One New Change." Pop over there and take the eleavator to the top level. There is a swanky bar and stunning views of London and the cathedral.

Not a bad place to spend the afternoon
While we may have been too late for the royal wedding, Westminster Abbey was still impressive. Be careful if you want to go inside, they close at 3pm.

The whole Westminster area is great because so many wonderful places are right next to each other. Big Ben for example, which is the name of just the bell, not the whole tower, who knew?

And no, the headscarves will never end
Is this not the MOST British photo you have ever seen?

Cheers chaps!

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