Monday, September 29, 2014

Chim Chimney

London has always been a favorite of mine and it was about to get even better. 

My oldest friend was graduating from Holt in London, how could I not join in the celebration?
We have been practicing our British accents for 20 years, so this weekend was long in the making.

Here are the top 5 highlights of my weekend in London!!

#5- The London Food Scene

The food scene is London is insane. They have the best of everything and anything you could want. We went out in the Tottenham Court Rd neighborhood and passed at least twenty restaurants that looked superb.We went for Thai at Busaba, it was divine. 

We also went for pizza at Franco Manca, with traditional thin crust, it was to die for!

Talk about hand made
#4-The gardens and gift shop at Kensington Palace

If it's good enough for Kate Middleton, it's good enough for me! Kensington Palace was one of the few tourist spots in London I hadn't been to.  We were staying on the edge of Kensington Gardens so it was only a quick walk away.

Feeling right at home
 If I could have purchased every single item in this gift shop I would have! So many toys for dress up and tea parties! Now I understand why my parents never brought me here when I was younger. 
One mask and fan combo please
Some light reading; Royal Wedding Dresses and Corsets!
Question of the day; Would I fit into a childs extra large?
It just seems so natural
Unlimited number of uses available
Make sure to take a turn about the gardens!
The graduate and me!

#3- The Cabs

I think cabs are chic, but London cabs are next level chic. Please see the photo evidence below of their chicness.

Castle in the background = chic
Cabbing in heals = chic
All the people in my cab = chic
Cabbing past The Palace = chic
Speeding through the park = chic
#2- Wearing headscarves 

Since it is a scinetific fact that it is always raining in London it is the perfect excuse to wear a chic headscarf. 

We were happy!
So Jackie O 

 #1- Best friends and endless champagne

It doesn't matter where you are it matters who you are with, and how much champagne is readily available. 

Graduation day
What a cap!
My perfect trio
Graduation, Graduation
The Champagne began to take photos!
We had a lot of champagne avaiable, what best friend reunion weekend doesn't?
Remember, they are on the pound, practice your curtsey and head to London ASAP! 

Chim Cher-ee part Deux coming soon! 


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