Thursday, August 28, 2014

Luck be a Lady

Every once in a while real life feels like a movie, this was one of those nights! 

We meet some friends in Monte Carlo and spent the night sipping champagne and playing roulette!

The Hotel De Paris knows their way around a flower arrangement! 

And Nicki knows her way around a headpiece! 

I have to highly recommend ordering champagne when out for a night in Monte Carlo it's worth it for the pictures!

Taking pictures inside the Monte Carlo Casino itself is forbidden, to help prevent an Oceans 11 situation, but we were able to sneak a few. 

The casino is beautiful inside and I would absolutely suggest going even if you don't like to gamble. It is 10 euros to get in and they have a strict no sandals policy which is a great excuse to get dresses up for a fancy night out, who knows, maybe you'll run into James Bond!

Side note,  anytime you want to have a photo shoot it's best to do so at 4 a.m. on top of someone elses Rolls Royce.

Julia got in on the action!

Once our run at roulette ended (up 200 euros) we headed back to the hotel to pour ourselves into a cab and had back to Cannes!

The full moon brought us good luck for sure!

The whole night was magical! And we learned how to play roulette. 

Here are the rules- 

1. Pick a number, color, above or below. 
2. Put your money down on your bet. 
3. Watch the dealer take your money away. 
4. Repeat.

Playing with other peoples money is always advisable. 

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