Friday, September 12, 2014

Another Damme Bicycle Ride

On our second day in Bruges, we left town and headed for greener pastures! 

We rented shitty bicycles, but bicycles nonetheless, from our hostel St. Christopher's (it's famous - look it up) We took the bikes to a nearby town named Damme (pronounced Daam-me, I kept saying damn oops...)

That is Meg, way far ahead of me...

We made it!

The ride to the town itself was the best part. So chock full of nature!

Wild Belgian Chickens(or maybe roosters)!

Cows and a Blue Heron, such unlikely pair.

Cow at the end of the tunnel.


The town itself was quite cute, but there was absolutely nothing for us to do there.

So we hopped back on our bicycles looking for something a little bit more exciting. And really what is more exciting than sheep...

                                                     ^ Meg

I have no idea what this sign means... Someone please inform me...

My attempt to take a picture behind me while riding my bicycle... Clearly unsuccessful.

We stopped for a bit of sheep petting. I think they were just hoping I was going to feed them, which I would have, if I ever had any food to spare...

A cute cow couple deeply in love... aka the male kept trying to hump the female and she kept screaming at him to get off... typical.

The most outdoorsy nature filled day we have had in awhile. Just lovely.

The ride was beautiful, the town was pretty as well but nothing to get super excited about. Come back later for our second half of the day where we drop our bikes on a corner and join a walking tour of the Medieval town of Bruges. The bikes were uncomfortable, and our butts needed a break.

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