Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cannes you come?

Hi. I'm Meagan, I haven't had my daily nap yet, so I'll make this quick.
High school fashion, ouch

Nicki and I met in high school, in senior year Physiology class. 
Nicki is very funny and I was much more interested in listening to her jokes, which included her doing impressions of the teacher/other students/ everyone, than learning about whatever it was we were supposed to learn in that class. 

That same year our school was taking a trip to Ireland. I am Irish, so a chance to go to the motherland, during March, (the best month) was just too perfect. 

Nicki and I somehow convinced our parents to let us go. Though we had done nothing to deserve a trip to Europe, and would continue to do nothing spectacular or deserving of any rewards for the rest of the year.

Wide awake, thanks Ambien 
We spent 10 days touring the Southern half of Ireland with about 15 other high school kids. Mainly trying to sneak off to the most obscure bar we could find.
During a day in Dublin four of the girls (Nicki being the ring leader of this little troupe of hooligans) went and got their belly buttons pierced. Our devotedly Catholic chaperones were not amused, but it took the heat off those of us who jut wanted to sneak off for a beer.
Way to blend in Ladies
Nicki and I went to separate colleges and both came back to Maryland after we graduated. I concocted this ridiculous plan about moving abroad after working for about .001 seconds as an intern. (Intern is a bullshit term for slave. Don't ever be an intern. If it's free, you don't want to be doing it.) 

I knew I didn't want to go traveling alone, one day, a sun beam came down and rested on my shoulder and a voice whispered in my ear, "Nicki". Yes! I thought, Nicki is the perfect travel companion. She is funny, likes to travel and most importantly she is just crazy enough to do it!

Jokes, our fridge in Europe will be way smaller
We have rented an apartment in Cannes, France from June 1 through the end of August. We plan to spend two weeks at the apartment and two weeks traveling around western Europe. Then see where the wind blows us from there. And by wind I mean the crewed yacht our Europeanly Royal boyfriends will be touring us around on. 
 The goal is to see as much of the world as we can, in the chicest way possible, without spending any of the money we don't have.


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